Toilets, Trousers and the Tweets that Twist the Truth:

A funny thing happened on my way to the toilet yesterday. Don’t worry I won’t go into too much detail as to my toiletry experience, it was more of what happened ‘en route’. To set the scene I had recently replied to yet another reckless tweet from a newspaper journalist called Julia Hartley-Brewer. She hadContinue reading “Toilets, Trousers and the Tweets that Twist the Truth:”

Why Rashford Must Soldier On

Enough Said – Letter from London: In national Lockdown 2 we have recently been reminded of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect the alter of freedom and defend humanity against such forces that sought to remove compassion, understanding, empathy, diversity and love from our very souls. At this time when the world isContinue reading “Why Rashford Must Soldier On”

Trump, Lockdown, Johnson… When will it all end?

‘Enough Said’ – Letter from London As I rightly predicted in my Blog last week the US Presidential election has taken place but in no shape or form has it been decided. Having watched CNN since March it came as no surprise that the debacle and threat to democracy taking place in America is nowContinue reading “Trump, Lockdown, Johnson… When will it all end?”

The Rise of the Democratic Dictators:

The World Waits for America to ‘Do the Right Thing’ 2020 has indeed been the most extraordinary year in my lifetime. I believe that every so often fate and circumstance throw up years that have a profound effect on the world and I am convinced that the history books will record that 2020 has beenContinue reading “The Rise of the Democratic Dictators:”

My 1st Letter – no stamp required

Enough Said! Letter from London My First Letter – No Stamp Required: As I sit here fingers at the ready but momentarily paralyzed by the hypnotic noise and motion of the incessant rain tumbling over the ill-fitting guttering on our small but perfectly formed rented terrace house in London, I am reminded how often itContinue reading “My 1st Letter – no stamp required”